Join Us! – Here's How:

There are two ways to join PNA and USMS. You can register online or print and mail the registration form.

Online registration is available for new and renewing members. Fill out your registration form via our secure web interface, pay the registration fee plus any donations you wish to make using your Visa® or MasterCard® and print a copy of your membership card in one easy transaction!

Anyone 18 or older, from beginner to proficient, is eligible to join. Whether you want to improve your health and fitness, compete in pool, open water, or postal events, or just lose a few pounds, PNA and USMS welcome you and invite you to join and train with one of our local workout groups. Don't wait any longer! Sign up now to join or renew your membership.

New Members: You may join any club listed on the form or on line. Currently, these clubs are registered under PNA:

  1. Puget Sound Masters (PSM), comprised of most members of PNA.
  2. Blue Wave Aquatics (BWAQ), the next-largest club.
  3. Bellevue Swims Strong (BSSW)
  4. Downtown Seattle/Bellevue/Eastside Swim Team (DBST)
  5. Fife Area Swim Team Masters (FAM)
  6. Tacoma Swim Club (TSC)
  7. Vashon Island Rockfins (ROCK)
  8. Unattached to a club (UC36) — not recommended if you like to swim relays at most meets.

There is no extra fee to join club PSM. Other clubs may charge a member fee; click the club's link (if provided above) for more information.

Renewing Members: Your current club and workout group will be filled in for you, but you can easily make changes when you register by using the drop-down boxes.

Where can I find my USMS Registration Number?
Click here: Forgot your registration number?

Where can I find who swims with which workout group or club?
Click here: PNA Clubs, Workout Groups, and Members Roster.

Where can I find a USMS member by first name, last name, and/or LMSC?
Click here: U.S. Masters Swimming Membership Directory

What if I need financial assistance to help me with registration fees? 
Click here to apply for Wiggin Fund financial assistance for registration: (PDF form) (Word form).

Team (Workout Group) Registration

You may register your workout group directly with USMS for the same annual fee charged to register our existing clubs (PSM, BWAQ, and other small clubs). Registering your workout group is entirely optional, though it does afford your workout group the same benefits that registered clubs receive. If your workout group is not registered, it will not appear in the dropdown list in Online Registration – you'll have to enter your team name manually. Nor will it appear on the membership search page – its members will be grouped with WO Group “N/A”.

Register your Workout Group (Team) online: What are the benefits, you ask?

  • It will appear in the individual online registration pull-down list under Club PSM
  • It will receive a workout group welcome kit ($20 value)
  • It may request one USMS Rule Book cost-free ($10 value)
  • It may order a no-cost, co-branded banner with its logo on it ($50 value)
  • Its designated contact may elect to receive email notification each time a member registers
  • Points count for team competition at our annual Champs meet in April
    (Actually, all teams whose members enter the meet will be included in the team competition.)
  • You can search on line for members of your team on the membership search page.

PNA Club Registration

PNA encourages and welcomes both new workout groups (teams) and new clubs. If interested in forming either, please contact the Registrar to put you in touch with people who can help. If you’re not clear on the difference between a Club and a Workout Group, refer to the discussion under Member Services / New to PNA.

  • New Club? Use the New Club Registration Form to register your new Club with PNA.
  • Existing Club? Use the link in the email that is sent on November 1st of each year. If you need this email resent, contact the Registrar at

Q. How do we start a new club?

A. Download the New Club Registration Form and follow the instructions. Also please read Building a Successful Masters Club. It is filled with lots of information to help you build a thriving and functional club.