PNA Open Water Events – 2017 (scroll down for Non-PNA Open Water and PNA Postal events below)

PNA Open Water Events – 2017

Date Day Distance(s) Event Info City Host/Contact Results

Jun 3




Swim Defiance

Point Defiance Park

Commencement Bay (salt water)


Blue Wave

Zena Courtney



Jun 17


1.2 mi
2.4 mi

Whidbey Island Adventure Swim
Saratoga Passage (Salt Water)


South Whidbey
Island Masters
Emily Bell



Jul 15


3.2 mi

Fat Salmon Open Water Swim
Madison Park
Lake Washington


Meghan Meinerz

2011 -

Sep 23


1 mi
2 mi

Last Gasp of Summer

Angle Lake Park


Blue Wave
Judy Williams


Open Water Swims sanctioned by Pacific Northwest Association of Masters Swimmers
for United States Masters Swimming


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Each race entry will earn you one ticket into the drawing
for a blueseventy Reaction Wet Suit
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2017 PNA Open Water High Point Awards: We will be tracking finishes again this year for the High Point Awards. Race-by-race and cumulative results and standings will be posted here as the season progresses. Winners will be the top two male and female finishers in each age group. Rules for the competition are here. High Point results for individual races are at: Swim Defiance, Whidbey Island Adventure Swim, Fat Salmon, and Last Gasp of Summer. To-date point totals are at Cumulative High Point Standings. High Point winners for the 2017 season are listed at 2017 High Point Final.

2016 PNA Open Water High Point Award results are located at the following links. Whidbey Island Adventure Swim,  Swim DefianceFat SalmonAly Fell, and Last Gasp of Summer. Cumulative rsults are posted at High Point Cum Standings.  High Point winners for the 2016 season are listed at High Point Final.

2015 PNA Open Water High Point Award  results and standings are in these High Point Standings and High Point Winners documents. Individual race results are found at Swim Defiance, Fat Salmon, Aly Fell,  Whidbey Island Adventure Swim, and Last Gasp of Summer

The 2014 PNA Open Water High Point Award standings are in these Final Results and Prize Winners documents.

Email Open Water Coordinator Jim Davidson if you have questions or find discrepancies.

* PNA has not sanctioned or recognized these events except as noted.

Check out additonal open water events in Oregon and the Inland Empire.

Non-PNA Open Water Events 2017 *
Date Day Distance(s) Event Info City Host/Contact Results
Jun 9 Fri 0.5, 1.2, 2.4 mi

Friday Night Swim Races #1

Lake Meridian Park

Seattle blueseventy  
Jun 25 Sun 0.5 mi, 1 mi

13th Green Lake OW Swim
Green Lake Park

Seattle Seattle Parks
& Rec


Jul 4 Tue 0.25, 0.5, 1, 2 mi

Martha Lake Open Water Swim

Martha Lake

Lynnwood Finish Strong
Jul 21 Fri 0.5, 1.2, 2.4 mi

Friday Night Swim Races #2

Lake Meridian Park

Seattle blueseventy  
Aug 19 Sat 0.5 mi (straight)
1 mile (triangle)
33rd Annual Emerald City
SPARC #165668 (0.5 mi)
#165669 (1 mi), #165670 (both!)
Andrews Bay, Seward Park
Lake Washington
Seattle Seattle Parks
& Rec
Aug 27 Sun 1.42 mi across
Lk Washington

Park to Park Swim

Matthews Beach (Seattle)
to Denny Park (Kirkland)


Seattle Children's


Sep 9 Sat 0.5, 1 or 2 mi

Swim Across America

Luther Burbank, Mercer Island


Seattle Cancer

Care Alliance


Postal Events

2017 Speedo USMS 1-Hour ePostal National Championship - AKA “Happy Hour” for Masters Swimmers

     The event is relatively simple to accomplish . . . find a pool, have someone count your laps and take your splits while you swim as far as possible in one hour, celebrate your accomplishment (breakfast, lunch, cocktails . . .), and submit your results via the internet. Thousands of Masters Swimmers take on this event each year.

    New in 2017 . . . 1) Instead of having the month of January to participate in the event, it is extended through February; and           2) The age-determining date is December 31 (same as metric pool competitions). The age that you will be on 12/31/17 is the age you are when you swim the event. This eliminates the former opportunity for some people to enter two different age groups.

     Rules that have not changed:
     • You must be a currently registered member of USMS on or before the day of your swim.
     • The pool must be 25-yards or longer (a conversion for metric pools takes place during registration).
     • Swim your 1-Hour event FIRST; then enter/register for the championship online.
     • Deadline to enter is March 10, 2017 (by 11:59 pm HAT)

     Be sure you are familiar with all the details by downloading the official 1-Hour ePostal event information, which can be found at: Look for more information in the January/February issue of The WetSet. Contact Sally Dillon, PNA's Postal Event Coordinator, at if you have questions.

Postal Championship Results - 2016 Speedo USMS 3000/6000-Yard ePostal Nationals

     The final postal swims of 2016 took place between September 15 and November 15. The event was hosted by Sawtooth Masters, out of Boise, ID. Ten members of Puget Sound Masters competed in the 3000-yard event, which could have been swum in either a 25-yard or 25-meter pool. Individual results including time, age group, and individual finish are:

Sarah Landrum, 42:16.83, 35-39, 5th
Tammy Koppelberger, 42:23.88, 40-44, 8th
Michelle McRae, 37:33.39, 40-44, 3rd
Betsey Kassen, 43:35.99, 60-64, 6th
Sheila Vonbergen, 1:15:48.48, 45-49, 41st
Lucianne Pugh, 1:20.02.00, 55-59 ,50th
Johnny Van Velthuyzen, 38:31.70, 35-39, 8th
Dan Kirkland, 36:50.16, 65-69, 2nd
Tom Fritschen, 51:33.08, 60-64, 24th
Gregory Henzel, 56:58.14, 45-49, 37th

     Michelle McRae was the only PSM swimmer to take on the 6000-yard event and she finished FIRST in her age group with a time of 1:15:51.53. Sarah, Tammy, and Michelle were entered in a Women’s 35+ relay and took second place in a combined time of 2:02:14.11. Johnny, Dan, and Tom were entered in a Men’s 35+ relay and placed 9th in a combined time of 2:06:54.94. Michelle, Sarah, Johnny, and Dan were entered in a Mixed 35+ relay and placed 3rd in a combined tie of 2:35:12.08. Congratulations to all who participated in this annual event.