Sanction an Open Water Event

PNA welcomes event hosts for open water swims. The following paperwork must be submitted to the Open Water Coordinator in order to sanction and conduct an open water event in PNA.

Open Water Sanction Process:

1. Download, complete, and submit the Date Approval Form by January 31.

When your date has been accepted by the PNA Board, go to step #2.

2. Download, complete, and submit the Open Water Sanction Application.

When your sanction has been approved by the Open Water Coordinator, go to step #3.

3. Download, complete, and submit the Open Water Data form for The WetSet.

When all of the necessary paperwork is completed, go to step #4.

4. Go to ... Events & Results ... Sanction an Event. Read “General information on Open Water sanctions.” Fill in the form with info requested and then select “sanction an event.” When complete, click SUBMIT. An auto-generated notification of the sanction request will be emailed to the PNA Meets Chair and Open Water Coordinator.

After your event has taken place, complete step #5.

5. Download, complete, and submit the Financial Report Form to the PNA Treasurer.

Once your financial report has been submitted, accepted, and necessary fees have been received, the Open Water Coordinator will complete your event’s evaluation and provide you with a copy.