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Note: Club “UC36” is the designation for unattached swimmers (PNA's LMSC number is 36).

If you are incorrectly associated with a particular workout group, please contact our Membership Coordinator to have this corrected.

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Clubs and Club Development

The PNA LMSC (Pacific Northwest Association of Masters Swimmers Local Masters Swimming Committee) currently (2018) has seven clubs registered nationally with USMS. If you compete in a national or international event, you will enter it as a member of the club you registered with (not PNA), which allows you to also participate in relays. If you registered with PNA as unattached, however, you will compete as an individual but cannot swim on relays at the event.

By USMS definition, PNA's primary club Puget Sound Masters (PSM) is a “regional club” (comprised of many workout groups throughout our geographical area) while the others like BWAQ and ROCK are “local clubs” for points scoring purposes (see the USMS Rule Book article 104.5.6B for the distinction!).

If you want to create and register a new Club within PNA for competition at the national level, please read and follow the information on the Member Services / Registration page. If you’re not clear on the difference between a Club and a Workout Group, refer to the discussion under Member Services / New to PNA.

• Puget Sound Masters [formerly Pacific Northwest Aquatics (PNA)]:

USMS requires that LMSCs and Clubs operate as separate entities (functionally and financially) to comply as non-profits under IRS Section 501(c)(3). PNA (the LMSC) and PNA (the former Club) were among legacy entities affected. Accordingly, all former-PNA club members selected a new club name, elected new officers and approved new club Bylaws in September 2012.

The new club name is Puget Sound Masters. The Facebook page can be found at
Read the PSM Bylaws here.

• Other Clubs Within PNA

Details about the other clubs and workout groups (and members, too) currently registered with PNA can be found here:



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